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There are three main ways for you to contribute to the quality of the content and the subsequent success of our new blog Fortgondo. They are: by writing articles for us, reviewing our pieces of content and sending in your suggestions of subjects you think we should write about. Let us explain each of the three.

Write for us

Worry not, because many things can make you qualified to apply for a writing position in our team. Do you live in Missouri and know all the best spots for gambling, culture, arts, entertainment or food?

Are you aware of the gambling legislation across various states in the country or are interested in the subject? Are you a player that loves to share tips on the best online casino operators to choose from and how to make sure that the gambler maximizes their exclusive digital features, bonuses or winnings to the fullest?

Do you simply love to write and are a hard worker always ready to learn more and more about anything?

Congratulations, because if you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we are thrilled to invite you to head over to our contact page and express your interest in joining our writing staff.

You can write either part-time or full-time and benefit from a very flexible schedule. After receiving your message, we will tell you everything about the screening process. What are you waiting for?

Review our articles

After reading our articles, you can send us your review. What do you think we should keep on doing? What could be upgraded with some small adjustments? And what should we focus on improving? We would like to hear your feedback.

Send in suggestions

Is there a certain topic, theme or subject that you would like us to tackle? Let us know all about it. You can even send in specific titles for future posts. This blog is your blog.

Remember: use the contact page for all three of these contributions. You have the chance of directly impacting the content that you know will keep our amazing network of readers coming back for more.