The 4 Best Art Venues in Kansas City, Missouri

You are much likely a gambling enthusiast who lives in Missouri, is thinking of moving to the state or is planning to stay for some time. That is why you need to know all about the gambling legislation that is currently in place for land-based and online casinos.

But to have a truly great time in Missouri you need to know more about the broad cultural offer. The state of Missouri may not be known primarily as a top place for entertainment. But as you see on Fortgondo, all the gambling and art options tell otherwise.

Here, find four of the best art venues in Kansas City. Why Kansas City? Because it is also packed with the best casinos. So, you can make a two for one.

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The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

This museum is arguably one of the premier art venues not only in Kansas City but in the state of Missouri. The building itself is a work of art as it flaunts absolutely gorgeous modern and neoclassical architectural elements.

Inside, the collection of the Nelson-Atkins Museum includes works from a broad range of European artistic visionaries, such as Degas, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Caravaggio. Besides that, the venue also displays several pieces of lauded Asian art.

The Blue Gallery

The Blue Gallery is a project that only gained shape in the 21st century, but the art venue is already considered as one of the places visitors can’t miss on their Kansas City and Missouri cultural circuit.

The founder Kelly Kuhn commits to curate exhibits that showcase the work of local and national artists, who are either emerging or established. One of the most popular selections at the Blue Gallery is the Wonder Wall, which displays pieces valued at 500 dollars or less.

Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art

Once you are able to enjoy all the historic works of art at the Nelson-Atkins Museum, head over to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art for a vast selection of fresh, creative and modern pieces from the late 1900s to our present day.

The museum has an impressively rich and diverse permanent collection, but it also has the added bonus of hosting over ten limited exhibitions throughout the year promoting the work of all types of artists at all stages of their career.

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The Bauer

The Bauer in Kansas City, Missouri is a historic building that was renovated. As is the case with the Blue Gallery, this art venue is located in the Crossroads Arts District, the ultimate hot spot for art, creativity and diversity in the city.

The Bauer has a packed schedule of activities and doesn’t stick to only curating exhibits. The gallery also designs and organizes pop-up art spaces and community events.

Whether you decide to stay home and play on gambling sites, or step out and discover the best casinos and art, you can surely get properly entertained in Missouri.

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