2 of the Best Sites for Legal Online Gambling in Missouri

Although the online gambling legislation in Missouri can be considered quite strict, the fact is that some betting games are viewed as harmless by lawmakers in the state. These include fantasy sports betting and casino-type skill games.

Come along and discover the best sites to play them.

Fantasy sports betting

This is a fun alternative to traditional sports betting. It is permitted by federal law since 2006 because it is viewed as a game of skill. Bettors need to analyze the history of statistics, present performance, training strategies, player strengths and weaknesses, probable advantages and many other factors.

PostImage 2oftheBestSitesforLegalOnlineGamblinginMissouri Baseball - 2 of the Best Sites for Legal Online Gambling in Missouri

Fantasy sports betting can actually deliver a better gambling experience since you are much more involved in the entire process from researching to betting.


This website is the largest online operator nationwide in the United States for daily or weekly fantasy sports betting. FanDuel is recognized by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association as one of the absolute best sites for an excellent betting experience.

The platform is growing steadily and exponentially. Its last financial backing was of 300 million dollars.

Much of the success can be attributed to FanDuel’s reliability and professionalism. A great bonus point is that it offers a money back guarantee for every new joiner. It is a sign that the team is truly confident that the site will have you coming back for more.

PostImage 2oftheBestSitesforLegalOnlineGamblinginMissouri SkillCardGame - 2 of the Best Sites for Legal Online Gambling in Missouri

Skill games

Skill games might share features with casino-type gambling and also involve you playing for real money. The major difference is that you can’t rely on luck to win. Skills games are truly varied and can get you major jackpots and prizes.


WorldWinner is a top force in the world of online skill games. At the website, you can find new competitions and special events daily. You can gamble anytime and anywhere, as games are available 24/7.

There are even tournaments which you can also access whenever you like. WorldWinner gives a real money twist to games like Candy Crush Saga, Wheel of Fortune and Scrabble Blocks.

Maybe you have never thought about these two types of online gambling. Go check them out and scoop a jackpot.

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