Is Online Gambling Legal in Missouri? Here’s What You Need to Know

When it comes to gambling, the state of Missouri has historically had quite severe regulations. Unlike many other North-American states, where casinos abound in the main cities, Missouri has very few places where residents can go to gamble.

With land-based casinos being so hard to find in the state of Missouri, what is the current status of online gambling? Is the legislation just as strict? In fact, there are several legal online gambling options for people in Missouri.

You just need to pay attention to the special requirements and restrictions to do so.

Online gambling in Missouri

There is currently not a single law in the state of Missouri that prohibits residents from registering and gambling on online casinos.

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However, because the state openly discourages the activity and has passed many pieces of legislation that thoroughly overrule most types of land-based and online gambling, people in Missouri often feel like it is absolutely illegal for a citizen to play at a gambling site.

In fact, what the law states are that no online casino operator can run its activities from the state of Missouri. That being said, you are only gambling illegally if you do it through a website that operates within the state.

You are free to join any online gambling platform that is legally run at another North-American state. And as you probably know, there is no shortage of great options. Just make sure that the casino site is duly licensed, registered and regulated.

It is only a matter of doing your research and choosing wisely. Many reliable, reputable, exciting and cutting-edge online casino operators from outside the state offer their broad collection of games, activities and services to gambling enthusiasts in Missouri.

There is no reason to think that, because of all the complex legislation, the online casinos that you can access in the state are sketchy, questionable or even a scam. Of course, you can come across lots of those on the internet.

But yet again, if you do your proper research, you will certainly be able to join the best of the best. Here are some recommendations to get you started. We suggest you consider the sites Bovada, Wild Casino and Bet Online.

Specific games

Do you want to get a wider scope of the online gambling legislation in the state of Missouri? You should know that poker and practically any other type of casino-style games are banned outside of the land-based gambling houses licensed in the state.

Sports betting, as well as horse and greyhound racing, are forbidden completely, even on real-world venues.

Remember: these are illegal if run within the state. Residents can bet on these games if they do it accordingly to our explanation above.

Missouri allows citizens to access fantasy sports betting online and some types of skill games that are based on the concepts of casino gambling but are not up to chance.

You can find engaging gambling options in Missouri both on land-based casinos or online platforms. You just need to always keep in mind the limits you have to respect.

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