Discover 2 Poems from an Author Who Writes About Gambling

Did you know that the state of Missouri is the home of some iconic American poets like the incomparable Maya Angelou and the brilliant T.S. Eliot? That is true. As much as we wanted to, we will not talk about them. But we will stay on the theme of poetry.

You obviously know that poetry, and writing in general, is able to tackle every single issue you can think about. But we normally don’t associate certain subjects with the beauty and depth of poetry.

And gambling is certainly one of them. However, did you know that gambling has actually been the main source of inspiration for some really introspective poems?

Well, we dare you to look online for the poems that an author called John Hansen has written about the subject of gambling. You can easily find them. John Hansen has been creating pieces of poetry ever since his school days and has even received accolades for his work. Additionally, Hansen had the honor of having two poems of his become songs.

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The author

When explaining why he decided to go online and publish poetry about gambling, he said that, as a confessed former addict, he feels like it is his duty to write pieces that tackle this subject, one that attracts millions of people.

Directed by a correct perspective, gambling can be a great source of fun, entertainment and money. But it can also ruin personal and family lives when taken to the extreme. Hansen knows he is qualified to navigate those nuances in writing.

The poems

The two poems we want to talk about are called “You’ve Got to Be in It to Win It” and “Gambling Bug”. In the first, Hansen reflects on how the gambling industry is easily able to lure people in. You can only win if you enter the game.

That desire for quick money is what casinos explore to know how to attract each type of potential player. Hansen warns the reader. He wants them to keep the focus and never forget that what they eventually win are just mere cents compared to what they will inevitably lose if they take it too far.

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In the latter poem, the main object of thought is the excitement that makes gamblers keep on betting. There is so much involved that makes the activity engaging and potentially addictive.

Playing the cards, reading your opponents’ behavior, bluffing, keeping your cool, laying the ace, staying alert, and finally filling your pockets. It can all be very charming.

But yet again, keeping it conscious and moderate is something every gambler has to work on.

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