Edo Rosenblith

Pink, 2013

fort gondo compound for the arts

Artist’s book.

208 pages, 5 x 7 inches, full-color,

perfect bound.

Designer: Dana Davis (NYC).

Printer: Trio (STL).

For more info/preview of pages,

click here. For a video trailer, click here.

$35 (plus shipping, if via paypal)


Forthcoming in 2015:

An artist’s book by Wonder Koch

Designed by Joseph Kaplan


Artist Zines, an ongoing casual publication series:

by Casssie Jones, Cole Lu, Catalina Ouyang, Rachael Tellerman, Sopearb Touch, Sean Fitzgibbons, Stephanie Kang, Emmeline Solomon, Amy Bautz, Lauren Cardenas, Grace Hong, Alika Cooper, among many others.

See here.