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Along with your study of the land-based and online casino laws in the state of Missouri, you should also check out three gambling books that have become legendary entities in the field.

The 3 Best Gambling Books

Beat the Dealer – Edward Oakley Thorp

Although this was actually one of the first books ever written about blackjack gambling strategy, to this day Beat the Dealer is likely still the ultimate authority on the subject.

It immensely helps beginners and more experienced gamblers alike, since it covers everything from the fundamental rules to the most complex theories.

Gambling 102 – Michael Shackleford

This book is well known among players because of how the author resorts to in-depth mathematics to provide all of his insights. Read Gambling 102 to learn about a range of different strategies for the most varied casino games, all backed up by numbers, stats and figures.

You need to have a good level of pre-acquired knowledge on gambling before moving to this book, but we guarantee you will get even much more knowledgeable afterwards.

The Video Poker Answer Book – John Grochowski

This is considered by many as the most complete and overall best book available on the subject of video poker. Every page is filled with the most useful information, insights and strategies, which make up a truly first-class gambling book.

The Video Poker Answer Book is almost entirely formatted in a question and answer structure.